Hi, I'm Adelle...

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I am an Access Consciousness CFMW, Bars and Body Process Facilitator. Through using the tools of Access Consciousness, I have realized my capacities as an empath, a dynamic healer and facilitator of change, with massive awareness of the energies that people function from.

I came to Access after years of frustration with traditional therapy. I wanted to know how to be happy and what would make me happy. That was until I heard Dr. Dain Heer say, "Happiness is just a choice!" That stopped me in my tracks! I thought to myself, 'A choice??? If it's a choice, what the heck have I been choosing?’ That changed everything! My state of mind and so much more.


I also have a background in Early Childhood and Childhood Education. I love working with children of all different ages. Using the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness, I have transformed her own life and facilitated others in expanding their lives as well.


I do what I do because I KNOW more is possible for anyone willing to choose it!

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